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    We've created more than 50,000 icons, illustrations and emoji.

    Since 2002, Webalys specialize in interface design and graphic asset creation. More than 100,000 designers, developers and makers are using our products.

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    Streamline 3.0 is the world’s largest icon library.
    Weighing in at over 30,000 icons, 3 unique weights, 53 categories, and 720 subcategories.
    Hand-crafted and fine-tuned with over 10,000 hours of blood, sweat, and vectors.



    3,000 illustrations for websites and applications
    Use our extensive collection of illustrations to persuade, reassure and engage your users.



    苹果手机 vp
    The only Material Design pack providing each icon in both style: line or solid.


    They are cute, they are free, they are perfect for your next app or website 🚀


    3,600 Brand-New, Fresh-to-Death Vector Icons.
    Perfect for making your apps, web interfaces, and UI designs stand out in the crowd.



    I think that many designers, developers and makers are all dreaming about being independent. I know I was.

    First it’s independence in terms of what you do: being able to choose your work, to create something of value, to have creative control — ultimately, to create a product worth creating, not just deliver something that a client will pay for.

    Second it’s independence in terms of money: being able to earn good money while doing good work.

    This may sounds a bit naive, but this was my dream. I made it come true and I’d like to share how I’ve done it. Not to brag, but rather to share. I wish that more talented people would take the risks and work for themselves on things they truly believe in.


    I've been doing web and interface design since 1998. I loved the work. But after a while a lot of what I was doing began to feel very repetitive. I felt like I was wasting a lot of time doing the same thing — over and over again.

    To save time, I started buying icon packs made by other designers to reuse in my projects. I constantly ran into problems with them: it was hard to find an icon I was looking for, or a collection was missing some critical icons that I needed for a specific project. All in all, there was no consistent and comprehensive icon set out there.

    I realized this around 2010, and I decided to create my own design framework — just as a fun side project. I created an ios还能用的免费vp, which I released for free. It was very well received in the design community.

    I quickly followed up and made my first product in 2010: Minicons, the first icon pack containing 750 icons. It doesn't sound very impressive today, but 8 years ago it seemed like a lot!


    From this point on I was sure that I want to keep doing icon packs. I had a very clear idea about what the pack should be:

    1. Reusable. It should be convenient to use it on every project.

    2. Comprehensive. It should contain as much icons as possible.

    3. Consistent. The icons should be executed in the same style.

    苹果免费的vp软件No matter the scale, it should be simple to find your way around the collection.

    5. Accessible. It should not be just for designers — rather, it should be inclusive, so that as many non-designers as possible can use it: developers, marketers, and so on.

    On a higher level, my mission was to democratize good tools for designers and make them accessible without compromising on quality: it's not cheap, it's affordable.

    Taschen was a major source of inspiration for me. It's a major art and design publishing house that started as a comic book shop in 1981. They democratized the art books market: those books used to be extremely expensive, so Benedikt Taschen started printing much cheaper editions, while still adhering to very high quality standards. For example, their first book ("New York" by Reinhart Wolf) sold for 30 deutschmarks — versus 168 for the original edition. Unsurprisingly, it sold out in a matter of days.

    VP电竞app下载-VP电竞手机版 v3.1.7 - 安下载:2021-8-9 · VP电竞是由杭州威佩网络科技有限公司开发的一款游戏交流的手机应用软件。这款应用软件拥有许多的游戏分类,例如:守望先锋、英雄联盟、绝地求生、炉石传说等游戏。还拥有许多的电竞协会,用户可伍关注自己喜欢电竞协会,了解他伊的最新信息。Partly because I appreciate things that are well-crafted; partly because I learned a lot from Taschen books when I was young — because they were affordable!

    4,000 icons that started paying my bills

    北京化工大学信息中心:2021-5-24 · 2021-05-24 安卓手机-客户端.png 2021-05-24 苹果手机-客户端Mc1V.png 版权所有:北京化工大学信息中心 |地址 :北京市朝阳区北三环东路15号 邮编:100029Same year ios手机免费vpwas released – it was a first iOS icon pack with over 1,000 icons, all with adjustable strokes. This was the year when the dream came true: finally, I was making more money selling my own products than doing client work.

    In 2015 I completed Streamline 2.0, the first 4,000-icon pack.It quickly became an essential tool for major companies, like Adobe, Mercedes Benz, Sprint or Trulia.

    From icons to illustrations, from working alone to building a team

    Fast-forward to early 2017, I noticed that there is a clear trend for illustrations: more and more designers use them in apps, websites, and elsewhere. I thought that I could apply the same principles that worked well for icons to illustrations. There are a lot of companies that want to use good illustrations, but can't afford hiring great professionals. Well, I thought that it should not be an obstacle.

    This idea turned into Streamline UX: a collection of over 3,000 illustrations, executed in 3 styles and split across 45 categories. This project, launched in January 2018, took more than 10,000 hours to complete 😱 Luckily, I now have 7 collaborators whose contribution is invaluable.

    The story is not stopping here. 【安卓软件】安卓(android)软件免费下载/安卓游戏免费下载 ...:2021-6-15 · 太平洋Android手机资源下载中心提供免费手机软件下载。包括Android(安卓)软件下载、Android(安卓)游戏下载,海量资源高速下载,android手机用户必备。

    If you're interested in news about my icons and illustrations, please follow me on Twitter to receive the updates first-hand.

    Thank you for reading!


    We are constantly developing new products, so there would always be some worthwhile news and updates.

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